Please note: The equipment inventory via this program is only available for loan to personnel from public education agencies (i.e., districts, charters, and other public schools), as defined in Arizona state statute and recognized by the Arizona Department of Education.

If you are not affiliated with a public education agency, please visit the Arizona Technology Access Program’s loan program, which is available to all residents of Arizona.

If you are not finding what you are needing, you may request items from the general AzTAP inventory. After searching in the AzTAP inventory please enter the AzTAP inventory id number of the item (s) you are wanting into the online ADE Request Form.

Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Assistive Technology and Universal Design for Learning (AT/UDL) Loan Library.  Exceptional Student Services at the Arizona Department of Education in partnership with NAU’s Arizona Technology Access Program is pleased to make available at no cost, a wide variety of assistive technology devices, equipment, software and professional development materials to school personnel in order to improve access to assistive technology.

The program is designed to provide short-term loans for 4 weeks of assistive technology and/or universal design for learning products to be used for the following purposes:

  • Consideration/Assessment as part of the IEP development process or IEP recommendations
  • Serve as a temporary loaner during device repair or while waiting for funding
  • Provide an accommodation for a student on a short-term basis
  • Professional development (teacher training, skill development, etc.)

The ADE Loan Library is operated by Northern Arizona University’s Institute for Human Development and the Arizona Technology Access Program (AzTAP) through an Interagency Service Agreement with the Arizona Department of Education, Exceptional Student Services.

Who is eligible to borrow equipment from the library?

Eligible borrowers include school personnel (e.g. direct hire, contracted employees and consultants) from Arizona school districts, charter schools and approved private schools.  Prior to borrowing any equipment, a school district must have the special education director or other appropriate administrator complete the Loan Agreement Form stating who is authorized to borrow on behalf of that district or school. This form must be completed annually.

Can parents borrow from the library?

No.  The library is set up for schools only.  Parents may borrow directly from the loan library program of AzTAP.  Contact Ask AzTAP or call 602-728-9534 or 800-477-9921.

Can a school send borrowed equipment home with a student?

Yes.  The school district can send home equipment, but the district will still be financially responsible for that equipment.

Is there a fee to use the library?

No, the use of the library is free to approved borrowers. However, late fees or repair charges may apply if devices are not returned on time or in damaged condition.

How do I borrow items from the library?

Each time you want to borrow an item(s) from the library, you must complete the Loan Request form. Requests not using the form will not be accepted.

What items are in the loan library?

The loan library contains a wide variety of assistive technology and universal design for learning products and equipment typically utilized in educational settings. The items are organized into the following ten categories:

  1. Activities of Daily Living (eating, dressing, toileting, grooming, etc.)
  2. Communication/AAC (augmentative & alternative communication)
  3. Computers Access (hardware/software – alternative keyboards, mice, laptops,  tablets etc.)
  4. Hearing (items that enhance existing hearing or compensate for hearing loss)
  5. Learning Tools (reading/literacy, writing, math, subject matter content [science, history etc.,] studying & organizational tools)
  6. Play and Recreation (toys)
  7. Positioning /Mobility (items that supports the student’s ability to achieve/maintain adequate postural support, alignment and/or mobility in the school setting; items used for mounting and positioning devices and device components)
  8. Switches/Environmental Adaptations including EADLS (electronic aids to daily living)
  9. Vision (items that enhance existing vision or compensate for vision loss)
  10. Teacher Resource Materials (reference books, manuals, videos, CDs, etc.)

We maintain an inventory of apps that can be loaded before devices are shipped.

The library does not contain an exhaustive inventory of all assistive technology categories and products on the market. If the requested device is not in our inventory, the Library may opt to purchase or rent the device from the vendor. The Library reserves the right to substitute a similar or equivalent device if the specific unit requested is already out on loan or otherwise not available.

We are interested in knowing if there are additional items that you would like to see in the library. Please share your suggestions with us at 1-800-477-9921, locally at 602-776-4659 or ATLoanLibrary@Nau.Edu.

How can I find what I want?

If you need help locating a device (e.g., not sure of name, category or whether it is in the library inventory), call us at 1-800-477-9921, locally at 602-776-4659 or ATLoanLibrary@Nau.Edu.

What do I do if I am not sure of the type of device I need or how to use it with a student?

If you are not sure of the type of device you want to borrow or need guidance and support to use it with a student, please contact an assistive technology specialist at the Arizona Department of Education at .

How long is the loan period?

In order to be able to accommodate staff and students on a statewide basis, the loan period is generally limited to 4 weeks (certain frequently requested devices may have a shorter loan period depending on demand).    A one time extension of the borrowing period may be considered depending on availability of the desired item. Contact us at 1-800-477-9921, locally at 602-776-4659 or by email at ATLoanLibrary@Nau.Edu.

How will equipment be sent to my school?

Equipment will be shipped prepaid to your school via express carrier. Therefore, you must provide a street address, and phone number (PO Box numbers are not acceptable). In some cases, the equipment may be sent directly to your school from the vendor. However, all requests to borrow items must come through this program and must not be made directly to vendors.

How many items can I borrow at one time?

There is no specific limit as certain items have multiple components. However, if you are considering borrowing a variety of devices to try with the same student, be realistic about how much time will be needed for (you) and the student to learn and effectively use the device during the loan period. Keep in mind that trying too many devices at one time can leave everyone feeling frustrated and overwhelmed. When this happens, it will be difficult to get an accurate picture of the benefits of the device to the student.

How long will it take to get the items I requested?

Most items will be shipped within two (2) working days of receiving your completed Loan Request form (submitted via fax or email. However, if the device is already out on loan or it needs to be purchased or rented from the vendor, the delivery time will be longer. The borrower will be notified by the library under these circumstances.

How do I return the items to the library?

The items will be sent to you with a prepaid return label, so there will be no cost to your school or district. It is your responsibility to return the items to the library in the original or equivalent shipping container using the prepaid return label by the due date given to you. If the device was shipped to you from the vendor, you will need to return it directly to the vendor. If you have questions about returning an item, contact us at 1-800-477-9921, locally at 602-776-4659 or by email at ATLoanLibrary@Nau.Edu.

If you have received a device directly from a vendor and a prepaid return label has not been included, contact us and we will send one to you.

Where is the library?

The loan library is located at the Arizona Technology Access Program in Phoenix. If you are in the Phoenix area and want to physically pick up equipment, please contact us at 602-776-4659 prior to your visit to ensure that staff and equipment are available.

What should I do if the device appears to be broken, parts are missing, I can’t get it to work or I have questions about how to send it back?

Contact us at 1-800-477-9921, locally at 602-776-4659 or by email at ATLoanLibrary@Nau.Edu. If the shipping box appears damaged (crushed, torn, etc.) please make sure that this is noted on the carrier’s form when you sign for delivery of the device.

If assistive technology is recommended for a student, who is responsible for buying it and where does the money come from?

If the IEP team determines that assistive technology devices and/or services are necessary for the student to benefit from his/her education program or to have access to the school environment, it is the responsibility of the school district to obtain the appropriate products. Funding is a complex issue and there may be different funding options depending on the student’s unique situation. For more specific information about funding sources and guidelines, contact the ADE AT Specialist at


Our loan library partners with the Assistive Technology program of the Arizona Department of Education/Exceptional Student Services. Learn more about the ADE ESS Assistive Technology program.